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Website Sessions

Hosted by Grant Johnson and Jeremy Johnson 


Getting started with ecommerce, a beginner's guide

Grant Johnson, CEO at Rocketspark and previous ecommerce business owner, takes you through the steps you need to take to start an online store.

You'll learn:

- Essential digital tools needed to run an online store.
- NB things to consider when choosing your ecommerce website platform.
- Step by step demo with instructions on to build your own website + online store.
- How to prepare your product descriptions to get found in Google (SEO)

Designed for non-technical people who want to start selling online and delivered as a practical demonstration of the process of building a website.



Essentials for Ecommerce Success

The Essentials for Ecommerce Success is aimed at business already selling online, but would like to be sure they're making all the right moves. It's also a great companion workshop to the Getting Started with Ecommerce session. Grant Johnson, CEO at Rocketspark and previous ecommerce business owner, takes you through the finer details, and talks about the strategies and tools for growth, including:

  • The top 10 tips from successful store owners
  • How to reactivate abandoned carts and customers
  • Some key metrics you should be tracking
  • Simple tools to get your shop humming

MONDAY: 2.30PM - 4.30PM
THURSDAY: 5.30PM - 7.30PM

 FREE Seminar 

Website Essentials

Rocketspark has helped thousands of businesses to get online. In this free seminar we'll share insider tips and tricks on how to be more successful online. The insights we share will be relevant regardless of the website platform you use and they will be easy to understand and action.

What you'll learn

  • Easy design principles that work
  • Simple ways to improve your search rankings
  • How to make effective landing pages
  • Learn the value of a blog and how to make one
  • Bring your own questions for Q+A time

WEDNESDAY: 6.30PM - 7.30PM
THURSDAY: 10.30AM - 11.30AM 


Website Essentials in Practice

Put what you have learnt in the Website Essentials Seminar into practice with our Website Essentials workshop. Start and build the basics of your website within 2 hours with this practical session. Suited for service businesses wanting to get or design a new website using the simply easy Rocketspark Website Builder.


Marketing Sessions


Demystifying Digital Marketing

What is the difference between a CMS and a CRM? Between SEO and SEM? Over a 2 hour hands on workshop, David Remmerswaal of Dimple will give you the skills and insights into the basics of digital marketing. How to develop a digital strategy & continuity plan for your business as well as the tools you'll need to implement it.

WEDNESDAY: 11.30AM - 1.30PM 

FREE Seminar

LinkedIn for Business

Adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy can help you expand your network, find customers, and cultivate a professional reputation for your business. LinkedIn offers a powerful way to publicise a business, attract more clients, share industry updates, post job opportunities, and more. David Remmerswaal from Dimple Digital will share how LinkedIn has helped him to grow his own business and professional networks and how it can be used to grow your business too.

David will cover:

•The opportunities that exist on LinkedIn for your business.
• What you need to do to optimise your personal LinkedIn Profile.
• How to set up and use a business LinkedIn profile.
• How to find and engage with your perfect customers on LinkedIn.
• How to create content that starts conversations and converts.
• Have your specific LinkedIn questions answered.


FREE Seminar

The Science of Social Media

Social media is a moving target- what worked as little as 6 months ago, isn’t always a strong game plan for now. In this seminar we’ll discuss:

  • What no longer works with social media marketing
  • How you can grow your following organically 
  • What algorithms are and how you can optimise your social media performance 
  • How to mix your content so you don’t sound like an infomercial 
  • How to stand out from your competitors
    And more

WEDNESDAY: 10.30AM - 11.30AM


Practical Social Media

Hands on workshop where we recommend you bring your laptop and smartphone. 

We’ll go over:

  • Facebook and Instagram self audit, how to optimise what you’ve set up 
  • Brand strategy, (not your logo!) we’ll work out your brand’s tone and personality and ensure this reflects your marketing
  • Content Plan, how to mix your content 
  • Scheduling posts for optimised times
  • Insights, how to measure your results 
  • Overview of Facebook Ads Manager, setting up a Facebook Pixel and how targeted audiences work
  • Social Media engagement strategy 
  • Hashtags for Instagram 

And more 

THURSDAY: 9.30AM - 11.30AM 

FREE Seminar

The Future of Sales

The sales your business generates are part of a wider business system. All of your marketing and product efforts are part of the wider sales funnel. Come along to this seminar to learn from a seasoned sales leader that will talk you through the power of relationships, processes and people and what the next generation of sales will look like. 

Consider this session a refresher or a reinforcer for your current revenue generating activity. 

WENDESDAY: 3.30PM - 4.30PM
FRIDAY: 1.30PM - 2.30PM

Business Sessions

Hosted by Rob Bull and Karla Randrup from Soda Inc.

  FREE Seminar

Planning for the Unplannable

The spread of COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented disruption to businesses nationwide. The situation is dynamic and changing daily. Rob Bull of Plexus Consulting will present some thought provoking discussion points and offer his take on how to prepare your business to be agile to help weather the storm.

TUESDAY: 1.30PM - 2.30PM 
FRIDAY: 10.30AM - 11.30AM 


The Essential Business Transformation Playbook

Strategy is possibly one of the most complicated topics in business today. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Rob Bull's LEGO Serious Playworkshop will cut through all the noise of what you should do and take participants through an action based process to explore the topic “what are the elements of exceptional customer experience”. This will be an engaging 2 hour session, which you will have the opportunity to literally build a vision of exceptional customer service

Key outcomes will include:
A tangible action plan that can be used to begin to improve your customer experience straight away
Have a deep understanding on how LEGO Serious Play can support your business growth and development

As a LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator, Rob uses the simplicity of the LEGO brick as a medium to help teams and individuals express complex ideas through building, storytelling and metaphors. This workshop is ideally suited to business owners looking to grow and future-proof their business or build value for exit.



Knowing your Brand Story

To make people choose your business over another, you need to stand out from the crowd. This requires both a great product or service and phenomenal storytelling.  Presented by Soda Inc., this two-hour workshop will take you through a condensed version of the world-class StoryTech brand story process, so you can refine your elevator pitch, evolve your brand story and stand out.

- Hosted by Soda Inc.

WEDNESDAY 9AM - 11AM - 1 Space Left 
THURSDAY: 2.30PM - 4.30PM 2 Spaces Left 

Finance Sessions

 FREE Seminar 

Make Cashflow work for you

The team from Xero are here to give you some tips and tools to become efficient with running your business and to keep on top of cashflow. A little bit more knowledge and a little bit more planning may take the stress out of knowing where you are at, how you got there and what is around the corner. It's a great session for anyone keen to learn how to improve incoming and outgoing cashflow. 

Xero are holding a limited number of cashflow seminars, so make sure to register early to secure your spot.


FREE Seminar

Understanding Finance for Small Businesses

You can learn valuable lessons about your business from your financial information - you just need to know how to understand it. In this seminar, financial expert Julian So, will give you a some key insights into understanding of financial reporting to develop better budgeting and cash flow management for your business. He will also provide you with his top financial tips he’s picked up over the years.

These sessions are limited, so make you sure you register early.

THURSDAY: 1.30PM - 2.30PM 
THURSDAY: 6.30PM - 7.30PM 

Google Sessions

Hosted by Quentin Weber 


Growing with Google

In this digital era, Google holds the key to being successful online. Knowing how to make the most of the tools they provide can make all the difference to your bottom line. In this 2 hour workshop, Google Guru, Quentin Weber will take you through the range of Google tools to enable you to be as successful as you can online.

Quentin Weber, Google Guru, will break down some of the myths and misconceptions of Google. Helping you navigate the jargon to really get to the bottom of the information you can see, and how to make informed business decisions using that data.

TUESDAY: 11.30AM - 1.30PM
FRIDAY: 11.30AM - 1.30PM  SOLD OUT

FREE Seminar

Understanding Google

Quentin Weber, Google Guru, will break down some of the myths and misconceptions of Google. Helping you navigate the jargon to really get to the bottom of the information you can see, and how to make informed business decisions using that data.

MONDAY: 12.30PM - 1.30PM

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