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Learn how to improve your business' digital performance through hands-on workshops and informative seminars

For better, easier business

Knowing the right digital tools or strategies...

... will do the heavy lifting for you! It can be as simple as knowing the basics and that's where we come in—to show you first-hand how it works.

At Digital Popup you'll learn from local experts who use digital tools and develop strategies on a daily basis. You will leave with the skills you need to improve your business. 

Who should attend:

  • You own or are a key member of any small to medium sized business
  • You see the importance of using digital tools but haven't found the time to invest in them
  • You know that times are changing, and you want to stay ahead of the curve
  • You agree that asking a silly question is 100 times better than not asking a question at all
  • You see the value in investing in upskilling yourself or your staff

Book training in the 5 key digital development areas:

The one-stop-shop for boosting your business at Digital Popup

How it works:

  • Register for a workshop or seminar that covers off a wide range of business pain points and how to overcome them
  • Each topic has a mix of seminars (free) and 2-hour workshops ($99 +GST) 
  • You may book any, some or all sessions throughout the week
  • Book for yourself or your team
  • A drop-in marketing and website help desk will be open each day, all day for Q&A at the Digital Popup

Invest in digital today, for better, easier business tomorrow.

Register for a free seminar, book-in for a workshop, or simply drop-in.


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