The Essential Business Transformation Playbook




Strategy is possibly one of the most complicated topics in business today. But it doesn’t need to be that way.

Rob Bull's LEGO Serious Playworkshop will cut through all the noise of what you should do and take participants through an action based process to explore the topic “what are the elements of exceptional customer experience”. This will be an engaging 2 hour session, which you will have the opportunity to literally build a vision of exceptional customer service

Key outcomes will include:
A tangible action plan that can be used to begin to improve your customer experience straight away
Have a deep understanding on how LEGO Serious Play can support your business growth and development

As a LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator, Rob uses the simplicity of the LEGO brick as a medium to help teams and individuals express complex ideas through building, storytelling and metaphors. This workshop is ideally suited to business owners looking to grow and future-proof their business or build value for exit.

Hosted by: Rob Bull

Session Dates: 
Tuesday 24th November: 9am - 11am

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